The Strategic Side

4 Best Practices for Developing a Captivating Case Study: Post on

A case study is more than just a (digital) piece of paper: when done right, case studies are an effective marketing tactic to establish you as a thought leader in your industry — they can reveal exactly what makes your brand remarkable from the perspective of happy customers. Here are four best practices to keep in mind as you create solid stories to captivate your potential customers. Read More >>>

The Creative Side

8 Awesome 404 Error Page Ideas to Tell Your Brand Story: Post on

No one wants to come to your website and read through a textbook description of who you are (like: The Exchange of Goods and Services Between Us, A Regional Manufacturer of Widgets, and You, Herein Titled “Buyer,” A Fellow B2B Company Who Has Expressed Interest In Purchasing Aforementioned Widgets). And what better way to show the personality in your brand story than with your 404-Error Page. Read More >>>